100% Edible Lustre Dust Pack - Colour My Chocolate
Gold Lustre Dust and Gold Super Sparkle dessert glitter
100% Edible Lustre Dust Pack
100% Edible Lustre Dust Pack - Colour My Chocolate

100% Edible Lustre Dust Pack

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This bundle includes 2 PACKETS for FREE!

Add a beautiful finish to your chocolate, dessert or baking creations with our 100% edible lustre dust pack. These pretty lustre dusts have a high pearlescent shine and are all 100% edible.  

And YES you can also use them in your drinks to create pretty cocktails and mocktails ! Perfect for the party season. 

THIS PACK INCLUDES 12 LUSTRES (4g net weight each): 

  • Rose Gold 
  • Gold Glow (x2)
  • Pearl Lustre (temporarily out of stock)
  • Ocean Blue 
  • Apple Green
  • Perfect Pink 
  • Violet
  • Aqua Teal
  • Luxe Silver
  • Champagne Gold
  • Black Pearl
  • Bronze


Dry Method: Brush on lustre dust with soft fluffy makeup or paintbrush. Dust directly onto chocolate pieces, shards, decorations, fondant, royal icing, gum paste, flowers and figurines.

Wet Method: Mix the lustre dust with some drops of Rose Spirit or simply add water. Paint on directly with a paintbrush.

Tip unused lustre back into pouch, close seal and store in a dry place away from sunlight.

ROSE GOLD Mica (559) Colour (172) ,GOLD GLOW Mica (559) Colour (172, 171), PEARL LUSTRE Mica (559) Colour (171), OCEAN BLUE Mica (559) Colour (133, 171), APPLE GREEN Mica (559) Colour (133, 171, 102), PERFECT PINK Mica (559) Colour (171, 127), LUXE SILVER Mica (559) Colour (171), AQUA TEAL Mica (559) Colour (171, 133, 102)