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    Edible oil based Food Colour powders and 100% edible Lustre Dusts. Use these for baking, cake decorating, chocolate making, butter creams, fondant , desserts and more. 

    Get creative with your baking and sweet making using our range of vibrant food colours. You can mix the colours directly into your ingredients or paint them on with decorators alcohol and a brush. Ideal for using with chocolate as they are oil based so they won't ever seize your chocolate. Colour My Chocolate colours are a multi use food product allowing you to use them in more than one way. Brilliant!

    You will love our gorgeous range of edible Lustre Dusts. Add a pretty pearlescent finish to your sweet treats and desserts every time.  Ideal to use on chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, cakesicles, cakepops, fondant and more!