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You will only need to add a small amount of Colour My Chocolate powder to achieve the shade you need.

DIRECTIONS: Add 1/2 teaspoon to 250g of white chocolate (for black it is recommended you use dark chocolate) and stir thoroughly. Add more powder as required to achieve desired colour.

Store in a cool, dry place. An air-tight container is highly recommended. DO NOT store in refrigerator or anywhere where there is moisture present.

We ship worldwide. For more detailed information of countries we ship to please see our shipping information here. Shipping

We recommend checking with your local postal service if you are not sure if you may incur charges specific to your country. This is decided by your local customs office. Fees may include customs duty, clearance fees, goods and services tax, VAT, GST or other taxes. These costs are not covered by Colour My Chocolate.

For reference we use DHL and Australia Post for shipping your goods.

All deliveries are sent via DHL and Australia Post. You can view expected delivery times on our shipping page here. View shipping.

Transit times are subject to delays due to customs inspections or anything else that may cause delays including Covid19.

If you have accidentally entered the wrong shipping address or need to change your details we suggest contacting us immediately via email: contact@colourmychocolate.com with your order number, full name and the information you need to amend.

Note that if your order has already been dispatched from our facility we will not be able to change it at that point. Should your parcel be incorrectly addressed we are not responsible for the non delivery. It is important that you double check the delivery address you enter when ordering.

Tracked orders will receive an email advising your Australia Post or DHL tracking number. You can also choose the 'SHOP' app at checkout for following your order.

Once your order has been received, we will dispatch your parcel within 48 hours and you will receive an email to notify you when your item has left our shipping facility.


Food Safety Declaration:

Colour My Chocolate colours and lustre dusts are Certified Food Grade and are edible.

Our products meet the food safety standards of the FSANZ Australia and New Zealand Food Authority. Colours are blended using FD & C certified colours. All our products are AU food approved and meet guidelines set by the FDA.

·     Halal certified

·     Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

·     Our products do not contain or consist of allergens




Candy Red

E124  / Food Colour Red 7:1

Tiger Orange

E110 / Food Yellow 3:1

Lemon Yellow

E102 / Food Colour 4:1

Forest Green

E102 / E133 / Food colour 4:1/ Food Blue 2:1

Brilliant Blue

E133 / Food Blue 2:1

Purple Rain

E133 / E127 / Food Blue 2:1/ Food Red 14:1

Pretty In Pink

E127 / Colour Index: FoodRed 14:1

Carbon Black

E153 / Natural VegetableCarbon



Rose Gold

Ingredients: Mica / E.E.C approved additives (559,172)

Contents 4g

Gold Glow

Ingredients: Mica / E.E.C approved additives (171, 172)

Contents 4g

Luxe Silver

Ingredients: Mica/ E.E.C approved additives (559, 171))

Contents 4g

Perfect Pink

Ingredients: Mica / E.E.C. approved additives (171, 172,)

Contents 4g


Jet Black Glyceride (422), Colours (129, 102, 133), Lecithin (322)
Chocolate Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 133, 127, 102), Lecithin (322)
Grey Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 129, 133, 102), Lecithin (322)
Purple Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 127, 133), Lecithin (322)
Violet Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 127, 133), Lecithin (322)
Lilac Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 127, 129, 133), Lecithin (322)
Fuchsia Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 127, 133), Lecithin (322)
Hot Pink Glyceride (422), Colours (127, 171), Lecithin (322)
Lolly Pink Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 127), Lecithin (322)
Dusty Pink Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 129, 133), Lecithin (322)
Blush Pink Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 129, 133), Lecithin (322)
Baby Pink Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 129, 127, 133), Lecithin (322)
Red Glyceride (422), Colours (110,127, 129, 171), Lecithin (322)
Orange Glyceride (422), Colours (110, 171), Lecithin (322)
Watermelon Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 110, 129, 127), Lecithin (322)
Green Glyceride (422), Colours (133, 102, 171), Lecithin (322)
Olive Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 133, 102), Lecithin (322)
Sage Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 133, 129, 102), Lecithin (322)
Mint Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 133, 102, 129), Lecithin (322)
Navy Glyceride (422), Colours (132, 171), Lecithin (322)
Blue Glyceride (422), Colours (133, 171), Lecithin (322)
Sky Blue Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 133), Lecithin (322)
Baby Blue Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 133), Lecithin (322)
Teal Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 133, 102, 129), Lecithin (322)
Tiffany Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 133, 102), Lecithin (322)
Yellow Glyceride (422), Colours (102,171), Lecithin (322)
Grapefruit Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 102), Lecithin (322)
Wheat Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 102, 110, 129), Lecithin (322)
Peach Glyceride (422), Colours (171, 102, 110,129), Lecithin (322)
White Glyceride (422), Colour (171), Lecithin (322) 























Colour My Chocolate sources its raw materials from India as well as Australia. Our processing facility ensures we bring a premium product to you that is of a consistently high quality, adhering to international food standards and also complying with Australian standards and regulations.

The team at Colour My Chocolate welcomes any enquiries you may have. Email us at contact@colourmychocolate.com

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