Black Food Colour

CARBON BLACK Oil Based Food Colouring Powder

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Oil based food colouring powder. Carbon Black will create the perfect black chocolate, candy melts and other food. This premium chocolate colour powder is used for chocolate making , decorating and creating in the kitchen.

Design luxurious cakes using chocolate decorations made from Carbon Black. Make Tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries (you know those little guys in suits), Halloween treats or anything where you need black chocolate.

N.B Carbon black powder is very strong and can stain your plastic bowls. It's best if you use a glass or stainless steel bowl and rinse your equipment thoroughly prior to putting in the dishwasher or washing with other utensils.

For mixing, this powder is a little different to our other powders and needs to be mixed well to break up the granules, however you will notice a much richer, darker black colour when this is done.

Premium Quality l Vibrant Pigment l Oil Based 

INGREDIENTS: FD&C colour blend (129, 133, 102)

Customer Reviews

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Misty Coombs
Larger bottles

It would be nice if you could buy in bottles for easier access instead of the packets. The colors are vibrant and I always am pleased.

Hi Misty! Thank you for being such a wonderful customer and thank you for the review. Great news.....your wish is just days away from becoming true! Keep your eye out the bottles are coming! :)

Daniel Nancarrow
Best Results

I love how I get my chocolate the darkness of dark colour help me step my game up creating new looks