Pearlescent Lustre Dusts and edible glitter Super Sparkles. The Shine Bright set is perfect for edible food and drink creations.

Shine Bright Set

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This set is all about shine! It's features our very popular pearlescent Lustre Dusts along with our megawatt shine Super Sparkles.

Imagine all the pretty edible treats you can make with these! 

Super Sparkles are a delicious edible glitter topping that can be added to chocolate covered strawberries, cakepops , chocolate, as cake or cupcake finishings, cakesicles and so much more. They sparkle like crazy and taste soooo good! 

Lustre Dusts are fine high shine pearlescent powders you can brush on food either wet or dry. 

Oh yes! ... and you can also add our lovely Lustre Dusts to any cocktail, mocktail or beverage you like for a super shimmery sparkling drink.

This set includes:

  • 1 x Pearl Lustre Dust
  • 1 x Rose Gold Lustre Dust
  • 1 x Bronze Lustre Dust
  • 1 x Gold Super Sparkles
  • 1 x Pearl Super Sparkles
  • 1 x Black and Gold Super Sparkles


Professional Grade

Vegan Friendly, Allergen Free, Nut Free and Dairy Free

Our products meet the food safety standards of the FSANZ Australia and New Zealand Food Authority. Colours are blended using FD & C certified colours.