How To Colour White Chocolate

Easy to follow tutorial on how to colour white chocolate. Learn how to colour white chocolate easily and quickly with our highly pigmented Colour My Chocolate edible oil based colours.

We use vibrant oil based colours that are made specifically for use with chocolate. No more seizing when you add colour! Get creative and make your own beautiful shades by mixing the colours. Add colours to white to lighten your colour or make ombre shades.

These colours are also perfect for using in baking goods, cake pops, fondant, cake batters, geo hearts and more! 

Have fun making your own edible masterpieces and sweet treats with these gorgeous colours! 


How To Colour White Chocolate
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1. Melt White Chocolate Buttons 

White chocolate buttons - How to colour white chocolate blog


2. Add Colour My Chocolate Colour as per instructions on packet. Use more or less to reach your desired colour and shade. 

Edible Oil Based Food Colour - Pink


3. Stir through well

Pink food colour - How to colour white chocolate pink